Anything You Need to Know about CNC Machine

Anything You Need to Know about CNC Machine

Anything You Need to Know about CNC Machine

CNC Machine is the electro mechanical which manipulate the shop tools by using programming input. Do you know? The name of CNC actually is stand for Computer Numerical Control and become one of the most common methods in 3D printing technology such as: SMS, SLA, FDM and others to produce the prototypes from the digital software file. Then the first CNC machine was developed around 1940s and 1950s and relied on data storage technology which also known as punched tape. The punched tape then start to transition from analog to digital processing around 1950s and 1960s. So, CNC machine is so versatile, even you can get CNC machine for marble and granite.

How it works?

Generally, the machining is the way to transform the piece of materials, such as: plastic block become the finish products (usually become a prototype part) by controlling the removal process of materials. Similar with other prototype technologies, FDM (3D printing), CNC also relies on digital instructions from the Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). This CNC machine also interprets the design as the instructor to cut the parts of prototype. The ability to program the computer device in order to control the tools rapidly advances productivity by getting labor intensive and highly technical processes automatically. The cuts will get improve in speed and accuracy from the prototype components that can be made as well, especially when you get critical material.

The process often need the multiple tools to make the cut that you want (for example having different size of drill bits). CNC machine usually combine the common units and tools from which the machine is able to draw. The base machine usually move in two or three axes, while more advance machines are able to move in x,y,z axis, sometimes in rotationally by added one or more axes as well. In the multi axes machines, then they can flipping parts automatically, so allow you to remove materials which is underneath previously. It will remove the need of workers to flip the materials and also allow you to cut in all sides without need manual intervention as well, so this machine makes your work more efficient. The automatic cuts usually more accurate than manual input. Which said that finishing work is better to be accomplished by hand as well as your simple cuts which only to program this machine for automation as well.

Several types of CNC Machines

Anything You Need to Know about CNC Machine

Anything You Need to Know about CNC Machine

CNC machines generally divide into 2 common categories, they ar” conventional machining and novel machining technologies.

Conventional technology

Drill      : The drill machine work by spinning the drill and move a bit and usually have close contact with stock materials.

Lathes  : lathes is much opposite of drills, it spin the material block again the drill bits. The lathes machine usually gets contact with the materials by moving the cutting tool material until touch the spinning material.

Milling   : milling machine is the most common CNC machine which use today. They involving of the rotary cutting tools to eliminate the materials from your stock unit.

Novel Technology

Electrical or chemical machining : there are several new technologies which use specific techniques to cut off materials. They are including of Electrochemical Machining, Electron Beam Machining, Ultrasonic Machining, Electrical Discharge Machining and Photochemical Machining. So, most of these technologies are very specialized and only used for mass production with particular type or materials.

Other cutting technologies         : there are several other novel technologies which using the different mediums to cut the materials. Including of plasma cutting machines, water jet cutting technology and plasma cutting machines.

Material used

You should know that almost of any material can be used in CNC machine. It also highly depends on their application as well. However there are several common materials, such as” copper, aluminum, brass, titanium, copper, wood, fiberglass, foam, plastic and more. Even you also able to get CNC machine for marble and granite as mentioned above. CNC machines are also great major in rapid prototyping fields as well. Before you start with numerical control, the parts should be machined by hand first.

Which one is better? 3D or CNC printing?

Anything You Need to Know about CNC Machine

Anything You Need to Know about CNC Machine

The truth answer is also depending on complexity of parts, materials and economic factors as well. 3D printing technology such as: FDM build the parts from the bottom to up. They can make complex shapes and their internal components are easier than CNC machines. In contrast, conventional CNC machines are limited by the available tools and axes that can be used in machine. In other side, FDM prototype is more limited by material than was machine block of material as well. So, if you need to get prototype of the living hinge then you can use CNC machines. As mentioned before that there are several novel CNC machines are specifically built for certain type of materials. However the conventional CNC machines were more adept and typically used prototype development.

However if you are interesting to get CNC machine in your stone materials, there are several techniques that you can use. You should now that stone is the material with extensive use. As we know that they always heavy, smooth, rough, complex, dry, precise, long lasting and can be found in many natural patterns and colors. When they are carved by hand, of course they need incredible craftsmanship, strength and patient as well. However CNC machine also has impressing role when you talk about stone. There are 2 axes to 5 axis routers and you can get any 3D forms that you can use on metal or wood that you are likely to get in your stone as well. Similar with diamond saws, sometime CNC machines in stone also have diamond which was embedded on them so these machines can cut through the materials as well. Usually the CNC machines were used to make stone sculptures, bespoke architectural and stone pillars. So there are many uses and benefits that you can get in these CNC machines. They can save up more time and cost efficiency as well.

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