Be More Flexible with Table Top CNC Machine

Be More Flexible with Table Top CNC Machine

Be More Flexible with Table Top CNC Machine

For you who work a lot with CNC machine but you get some difficulties with space to put your large CNC machine, table top CNC machine can be a good option for you. CNC Machine is well known as computer-based machine that use computer to control the operation. It can be found in many different machines such as router, drill press or drilling machine, plasma cutter, water jet cutter, and other machines. One of the most common problems that found in CNC machine is the large size. Commonly, CNC machine will need large space. It will be a problem when you have narrowed space or room. Therefore, the table top version will help you to solve the problem. We are going to discuss this type of CNC machine and how it can help you.

What is CNC Machines?

Be More Flexible with Table Top CNC Machine

Be More Flexible with Table Top CNC Machine

CNC machine is a type of machine that use computer in controlling the operation. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It means that the computer will produce sort of numerical code as a command that can control the machine operation. Commonly CNC is used to help human operate some machine that cannot be hand-held operated such as dangerous and risky cutting operation. CNC can be implemented in some machines, mostly in cutting operation, such as in CNC Plasma cutter, CNC Drill press, and CNC router.

Most CNC machines work with numerical code that produced and sent to the receiver that installed on the machines. There are two types of code that commonly found in CNC machines: M-Code and G-Code. Those codes aims to describe the contour the material that will be manipulated by the machine and also describe when the machine will turn on and off automatically.

In order to run the CNC machine, you should use the computer to run some programs or software that specially designed to do the operation. Commonly, computer is used to design the pattern that will be cut by the cutting tools. For designing the pattern, special software called Computer-Assisted Design should be installed in the computer. In some machines such in drill press and router, Toolpath program is also required to be used. Toolpath program is used to select the types of cutting tools that you want to use in the some different operations.

Besides the software, there are some specific driver components that required of most CNC machine, such as drive amplifier, servo motors, linear actuator, controller and encoders. Drive amplifier is used by the machine to receive the signal or numerical code that sent by the computer. Servo motors that also include some gears and belt are used to move the machine. Linear actuator is a special component that allows the machine to move upward and downward. Controller is used to control the machine operator remotely. Encoder is used by CNC to evaluate the motion of the machine.

In order to use the CNC machine, firstly, you need to work with your computer. You should design the pattern or line that you make with the machine. After you finished with the computer, you can put the material that you can to use in the worktable. Then you can let the machine do the rest for you.

What is Table Top CNC machine?

Basically, there are two types of CNC machine based on the way you put the machine and the size of machine: counterpart and table top CNC machine. Counterpart CNC machines is type of CNC machine that have quite large size and need quite large space. Commonly, it comes with a set of worktable where the material will be put. Considering the size of the machine, this type of CNC machine is commonly used in medium to large industry.

How about if you have only small industry that also requires CNC machine but you don’t need to use the bigger version, especially for you who don’t have enough space or room to put the machine. Table top CNC machine can be a good option for you. Table top CNC machine is type of CNC machine that is quite small for small industry. It will not spend too much space. Basically it has same function of conventional CNC machine. It will look like that you only use the top part of conventional CNC machine table. Instead of using fixed table, you can put this type of CNC machine on your table top. So you can move the machine easily.

The advantage of Table Top CNC Machine

Generally, Flexibility is the most important factor that offered by this type of CNC machine. You can put and use this CNC machine many different situations. It will solve the problem for you who don’t have enough space. Besides, flexibility, this type of CNC machine commonly is cheaper than the conventional CNC machine. It is influenced by the size of the machine and the ability of the machine to operate in small size materials. You might not be able to work in large materials, but it will work well in producing small components.

Types of Table Top CNC machine

Be More Flexible with Table Top CNC Machine

Be More Flexible with Table Top CNC Machine

There are some types of Table Top CNC machine based on different factors. Based on the materials that will be manipulated, there are three type of table top CNC machine: wood, metal, and stone. Wood CNC machine is CNC machine that is used to cut wood. Metal CNC machine is machine that will be used to cut some kinds of metal such as steel and aluminum. Stone CNC machine is machine that can be used to produce things made of stone.

Based on the function or operation there are some types of table top CNC machine: Table Top router, Drill Press, plasma cutter, and other types of CNC machine. table top CNC router is a set of cutting tool that have shaped cutter that commonly used by carpenter to make small furniture component or to make some decorative moldings. Table top CNC drill press is a machine that allows you to make some holes and other operations such as boring and countersinking. Table top CNC plasma cutter is a type of cutting machine that use plasma as the cutting tool.

Those are some information about Table Top CNC machine. Hopefully, this information can be a good reference for you have problem with large CNC machine. It definitely will help you, especially for you who have quite small space to put our CNC machine.

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