Inexpensive Tabletop CNC Routers for On a Budget

Inexpensive Tabletop CNC Routers for On a Budget

Inexpensive Tabletop CNC Routers for On a Budget

Tabletop CNC router can be an expensive investment for someone with woodworking hobby. But of course it will give a lot of new options to your hobby for sure. Most of it could rip your budget but it is not impossible to get the cheap one. Well, it is not like a tabletop that can be purchased for 500 USD until 1,000 USD includes the software after all. But it will not break your on-a-budget hobby for sure.

The marketplace itself for the CNC router table has changed, pretty rapidly. In nowadays, there are a lot of people want to bring the CNC machine in their workshop or even their home. This is why the option of this machine is getting more and more from time to time. And due to competition and rapid changing, the price is getting down as well, which is the good news though.

Well, finding the tabletop router for less than 1,000 USD is not impossible but if you want it includes the software then you really have a hard homework. It is just unusual.

Before purchasing a tabletop router, it is important to figure out the purpose. It also includes the thing you will create on the tabletop. Tabletop with price less than 1,000 USD is commonly suitable for light duty only. If you want to press aluminum or even metal then you really need more rigid one.

After that, we will provide several brands of tabletop router that provides inexpensive price. But please be noted that we do not have personal experience with each of the brand. So, you better read the review on its own official website.

Digirout 200

Inexpensive Tabletop CNC Routers for On a Budget

Inexpensive Tabletop CNC Routers for On a Budget

This is a small table for CNC router. It provides two foot square in width for the cutting area. It comes as a kit so you need to assemble it by yourself if you buy this one. But do not worry because the box contains the instruction paper.

Most of the constructions are the aluminum extrusion and also the steel parts are powder coated. The T-slot table made of aluminum is available so it will hold down the workpiece much easier. The tabletop is basically designed to work together with the Porter Cable 892 router. In one minute, it can cut 100 inches.

The table top price is 1,900 USD and for the kit and if you want to have the software then you need to pay about 3,000 USD.

The Nomad 883

A kickstarter project is just the description of this tabletop. If you are fascinated by the craze of 3D printer then this tabletop will be something suitable for you. According to the company, the goal of this tabletop is to take out the guesswork from the operation of CNC machine. All things you need to start with this tabletop are already packed in the box. It includes the software (both for Mac and PC), cable, cutters, and also the materials for starter pack.

The Nomad 883 is designed to be fully enclosed into the cabinet. It will help to control the dust as well as limiting the noise. In order to reduce noise in further action, it does not use the motor for router. However, it uses the motor of Brushless DC as well as the belt driven spindle. You better be able to control the speed of the spindle from the software, since the feature for speed control is kind of in the system with closed loop.

The cutting area is basically small, which is 8”x8”x3”. But it is pretty comparable to the 3D printers after all. Still, it is not flimsy like the 3D printers we can see until today. Besides, the features are such as the frame made of aluminum, linear bearing, and the rods with precision ground.

This tabletop comes with Meshcam and Carbidemotion and you do not need to buy other additional software later. Other than that, the Carbidemotion software can accept the G-code from other packages, in case you like to use other software.

The price is about 2,500 USD.

Bluechick 13×36 Desktop CNC Router

Bluechick is a router table that needs to be built since it comes in a kit. The parts are using MDO or medium density overlay plywood along with aluminum angle stock in order to build the 13”x36”x4” machine. Timing belt and pulley systems are the drive system of this tabletop, since it does not use lead screws. The system makes the Bluechick could move up to 500 inches in each minute.

The machine’s gantry will move on the V-bearing and it rides on the angle iron. However, some people do not prefer this system even though it is pretty functional. The steel V-bearing will cause the aluminum needs to be replaced only in a few years later. Fortunately, it is easy to replace by bringing it to the local store of big box.

It uses Mach3 for the software. This software is used in most machines. Another great option is LinuxCNC.

For the machine and software, you will need to spend about 1,600 USD.

CNC Carving Machine 12”x12”

Inexpensive Tabletop CNC Routers for On a Budget

Inexpensive Tabletop CNC Routers for On a Budget

We will say that this machine is the low cost machine leader. You can purchase it for about 700 USD. The first one is Zentoolworks CNC Carving MAchinr F8 version. It is a DIY CNC kit that comes along with the F8 lead screw on all axis of it. The frame of this tabletop is made of high density PVC board with the lead screws of stainless steel, linear bearings, and the steel guide rods. In order to reducing the backlash, the lead screw is equipped with the anti-backlash brass nut design.

It takes 4 hours to complete the assembling process and the instruction can be found on the internet for sure. Of course the PVC machine is not as strong as the machine made of steel. But if this is for your hobby or other light duty purpose then you need to give it a shot.

So, this is the end of inexpensive tabletop CNC router.

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