Parts of a CNC Gantry Kit

Parts of a CNC Gantry Kit

Parts of a CNC Gantry Kit

What is a CNC gantry kit? Have you ever heard about it? Well, before we continue to find out all about the kit, it is better for us to get close to the definition of CNC machine first. The development of the age and technology resulted in increasing human needs. Different sides of life are always looking for ways to achieve better results.

An introduction in CNC machines

Parts of a CNC Gantry Kit

Parts of a CNC Gantry Kit

Along with the development of technology in the field of manufacturing (product manufacturing), manual machining process has begun to be replaced by automatic machining process. Although in Indonesia manual machining process is more often used as a result of cost effects. Automated machining is more widely used by large-scale industries that demand the speed of production and precision of production. One of the most commonly used machining tools in various industries is the CNC machine. CNC machines can be used to create different types of product “profiles” (shapes). This machine has many advantages such as:

  1. Reduce production time

  2. Reduce the risk of human error

  3. Reduce labor costs

  4. High reliability (durable)

  5. Flexible in the design changes of a product

  6. Reduce scrap (waste of production)

  7. High accuracy

Currently CNC machines have a very close relationship with the CAD program which is then applied with CAM and its supporting software to run the machine. CNC machine machines are made to answer the challenges of today’s modern manufacturing world. With a CNC machine, the precision of a product can be maximized up to 1/1000 mm (micron) for bulk product application with good quality and quality in a relatively short time.

CNC gantry: parts and function

Parts of a CNC Gantry Kit

Parts of a CNC Gantry Kit

A gantry kit has

  • Computer (complete with keyboard and mouse).

In order for a CNC machine can be optimally utilized then it needs some supporting software run by a computer. Computer functions on CNC systems can be grouped into three tasks:

  1. Transforming data into detailed instructions to control and coordinate the movement of machine tool axis.

  2. Processing incoming and outgoing data such as encoding, decoding of feedback data from position measuring devices, communication with control panel, reaction to sensors and limit switches, and so on.

  3. Manage machine functions, such as running spindles, opening / closing coolant, changing chisels, changing pallets, and so on.

  • Automatic torch and height control.

The CNC gantry should be equipped with torch and height control that can work automatically. Its function is to adjust gantry performance with desired result. The object produced by CNC gantry is not a flat object, most of which are objects that have a fairly complex design. Torch and absolute altitude controls are used to produce pieces that match the design.

  • Welded-steel gantry rail.

Steel is a very strong and durable material. This character is indispensable as the main material of making gantry. Gantry will be the backbone of one of the major components of a heavy-weight CNC machine. One of the advantages possessed by steel as a gantry rail material is its high ductility. Before discussing further, for those of you who are still in the world of buildings and building materials must be confused to understand the nature of this construction material. Ductility is a property of a building material that has high resistance when it comes to tensile loads. This means that materials that have a high ductility value will expand in small quantities when getting load pull. The higher the ductility value the better the material gets the processing from the forging to the hole. Steel is one of the building materials that have high ductility value. This is because the material is not easy to expand and / or destroy when given the load.

  • Lifter assembly.

  • Y and X axis cable carrier.

Cable carrier is required to protect the possibility of power cord sandwiched between gantry and rail or with other components. The cable carrier will move flexibly following the axis motion.

  • Two gantry release buttons (with e-stop).

  • X, Y, Z axis upper and rotary limit switches.

  • Covers for carriage and ends of the gantry.

  • Drive chain for foot table.

  • Powder coated.

The function of powder coated is to protect the CNC gantry machine kit from rust.

  • Complete table frame plans package.

  • Spindle

This is an important part of the CNC gantry; Spindle has a role as a regulator of rotation and movement of cutters on the z axis. Spindle is generally always in motion by a motor engine equipped by belting / clutch. Just like the table on the lathe, the spindle can also be in motion by the same handle. This spindle plays an important role in its connection to the arbor cutter with pressurized air.

  • Magazine Tool

In operating the lathe CNC of course we need a lot of types of Cutter is in use, in exchange for the type of cutter is of course we also need a special place to store cutter called magazine tool. Magazine tools usually have many slots, usually between 8-24 slots, depending on the type of CNC gantry machine in use.

  • Monitor

The monitor on the CNC machine is usually used to monitor the activities performed by the lathe, ranging from machine usage parameters, object coordinate positions, errors, etc.

  • Control Panel

No less important with the function of a monitor, the control panel of course has the most vital role that is as center of operation and work control of a lathe. The control panel has a role as a special command giver on machines like Spindle spinning, moving tables, changing settings, etc. In this control panel a CNC lathe operators in the test of its ability, because if wrong in entering CNC program into PC, then can be sure to get the job.

  • Coolant Hose

Coolant hose has an important role as a cooling system for cutter, because at the time of cutting the workpiece done with the cutter, of course the motion of friction and cut on the cutter to make the condition becomes hot and expand, therefore need a cooling system with the concept of water coolant and high-pressure air through a hose mounted on the spindle block on CNC gantry kit.

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