Used Bridgeport CNC Milling Machines for Sale

Used Bridgeport CNC Milling Machines for Sale

Used Bridgeport CNC Milling Machines for Sale

Are you looking for used Bridgeport CNC milling machines for sale? One of the best and oldest milling machine manufacturers in the world is Bridgeport. Bridgeport is a leader in milling machines, grinders, and computerized cutting machines in USA. Bridgeport milling machines have been used by many companies engaged in automotive, medical equipment, aerospace, defense, computer, farm and construction equipments, and industries engaged in energy. Bridgeport is a leading American company focusing on the manufacture of its milling machines in Illinois, England, Germany, China. Bridgeport milling machines are sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

Milling machines are machines that generally produce a flat field (this flat field is formed because of the movement of the machine table) where the process of subtracting the work piece material occurs due to contact between the rotating cutter on the spindle with the work piece gripped on the machine table. Bridgeport milling machines are collaborated with a special forming tool or tool that can produce several other formations according to production demands, e.g. gears, cam, spiral, star shaft, drum scale, worm shaft, etc. The used milling machines are sold more expensive than the same machine with other brands, but it does not relax the desire of the buyer to get it.

Computer Numerical Control / CNC is a machine automation Machine tool operated by command (which is programmed in abstract) and stored in hard disk/internal memory. These are milling machines that are much more modern and effective than previous generation milling machines that are operated manually or using cam. Bridgeport CNC milling machines are equipped with motors that will drive programmable controls to work in accordance with complex comprised systems. Bridgeport CNC milling machines are usually used along with a program called CAD. CNC machines are built to address the challenges in the modern manufacturing world. The accuracy of a product can be guaranteed to more than 1/100 mm, mass-product workmanship with highly precise results and more efficient processing time.

The reason to buy used Bridgeport milling machines

Used Bridgeport CNC Milling Machines for Sale

Used Bridgeport CNC Milling Machines for Sale

CNC machines play an important role in the manufacturing industry that produces parts or parts of a machine; industries that require mass products of the same size and shape to be precise and precise. Computers have a major influence on the use of the Bridgeport milling machines. Computers that are integrated with Bridgeport machines have very high specifications (tailored to the functions and workload of the machines).

Bridgeport CNC milling machines have a higher ability than conventional milling machines or other brand milling machines especially in terms of accuracy, precision and productivity, as well as the complexity of work that can be handled. High accuracy means that the resulting product has a very small chance of error, has very high precision measurements and a narrow geometry tolerance area can be made more easily on CNC machine tools than with similar conventional and equivalent machine tools. This is due to three main things:

  1. Bridgeport CNC milling machine construction is generally better, with the use of careful guiding elements and drivers. For example, the use of the ball-screw drive element instead of the trapezoidal threaded shaft will reduce friction, accelerate movement, and facilitate movement control (related to acceleration, deceleration, and stopping at a fixed position).
  2. Bridgeport uses a precise distance / location detection system. The scale system or position change device used may be a direct system or indirect system (indirect, eg resolver) capable of providing information to the machine control unit so that the location of cutting chisel on the selected coordinate system can known with certainty.
  3. Position error compensation due to cumulative errors as well as back-lash errors on the driving element can be done by entering the price of systematic errors in the memory of the machine control unit. Each time the engine element moves past the predetermined position automatically the machine will make corrections according to the price it has saved to it. Thus the geometric accuracy of the machine can be guaranteed and meet the testing standards.

Price and tips to choose

Used Bridgeport CNC Milling Machines for Sale

Used Bridgeport CNC Milling Machines for Sale

The cost you have to spend to buy a brand new Bridgeport is definitely huge, so the used machines can be the right alternative for you. Well if you want to buy a used milling machine, you must pay attention to the cutter contained on the machine because the cutter in the milling machine is very influential on the results of pieces of work piece.

There are some important things that should get attention when we decide to buy a used lathe

  1. Check the bed condition

Make sure the lathe bed you are buying is not much defect, worn out or scratches.

  1. Check the milling results

Measure the results of milling and compare with the original size on the computer. Smaller results mean there is a problem with the Bridgeport machine

  1. Check For Wear Gear And bearing in gearbox

It is necessary to open the lid to know the exact state of the parts that exist in the gearbox for sure, but we can also know by listening to his voice when the lathe is run. Wear of the main axis bearing (in the gearbox) may result in oval dissolution.

  1. Check for automatic sling drive system.

Check whether the automatic system function is still functioning properly or not. It also includes threaded axle checks (transport) which play a role in the manufacture of threads/drat.

  1. Teeth mode

Other things to note include the completeness of the changer gear (gears replacement).

It is recognized in this era of milling is a cutting machine that has the best results and productivity. The price offered for a used Bridgeport milling machine varies, depending on the type, type of cutter (the material), and the year of assembly. The used Bridgeport CNC milling machine is sometimes sold in packets (including cutter). The used Bridgeport CNC milling machines for sale are sold in a range of several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars (depending on the specifications of the machine).

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